Introduction to Linux Operating System

Before dive into Linux operating system first, we have to know what is operating system then we move towards Linux and their past:-

What is Operating System?

An operating system is a software which is used to perform the task from the system. To access any machine or system you must require an operating system in your PC or device. Now-a-days some of the popular operating systems Like Microsoft Windows, Linux, Apple Mac. and IOS and Android are the too popular mobile operating system.


In a simple word,

An operating system is a bridge between a user and the machine (Hardware).

Now I thought it’s sufficient to understand about What is Operating System? Let’s Move to What is Linux OS?

What Is Linux?

Linux is an Operating System or A kernel Which is Based on UNIX Operating System. This idea comes in the mind of a young and bright Linus Torvalds. and Linus Torvalds was a Computer Science Student. He also Worked on the Unix Operating System. And at the time of developing the Unix operating system he thought Unix needs improvement but when he suggested the idea for improvement of the Unix operating system then the designer of Unix rejected his idea.

And then he thought to launch his own OS. Which come with their respective changes, modification, suggested by UNIX users. So Linus devised a Kernel named Unix to Linux in 1991. It Came in the market in the year 1991. And That Time He needs Some Os Features Like Document Reader, File Manager, Desktop Manager(like Gnome, Deepin), Audio-Video Players to run on Linux.

As time goes he collaborate with other programmers like MIT, and also collaborate for the application that appears in Linux. The earlier version of the Linux is not too much user-friendly, At thats time it is only used by programmers. And Linus Torvalds Never thing to Commercialise Linux. So it’s Completly Free For us.

How Unix is an Root Of Linux Operating System?

As We all Known I Thought You above Linux Is an Upgrade Version Of Unix Operating System. So The base (or the structure ) of Linux Operating System is an Unix. And Do U known Unix/Linux is Written in C language?

How Unix Become LinuxHope The Above Image Represent How Unix Is an Root Of Linux Operating System. Its Means Linux Directly depend on Unix Operating system and that’s, why we called Linux is an root of Unix opertaing system.

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