Linux Features And its advantages Over Other OS

Before we start learning the features of the Linux. due u knew what is Linux? if You don’t know just Move Towards Linux.

Basis Linux Features are:-


Portability means Linux operating system or its software(application) can support different type of hardware in the same way of access System(computer) properly.


For example:- we are having a two system with different hardware so the Linux OS automatic detect their hardware and work according to its specifications that’s why Linux is portable with all system. The developer just creates Linux For a once and they use it multiple time.


Multi-user means at the same time two or more user can access the same system and its resources like memory(RAM, ROM), hard disk; to make the work done fastly. its only done using Terminal.

How its Work:- Multi-user feature of a Linux can only access through the terminal. In the same system we can open two or more terminal and on that we can log in two different users to work done.

Open Source

We can say Linux is open source because the source code of the Linux or you can say that the code of Linux is open for everyone to use or implement on it. It can also help the Linux community to grow with the collaboration from others entire world.


Multiprogramming stand for some multiple tasks. So as its name reflect its work is that the Linux is an Operating System which can perform multiple tasks at the same time.

For example:- at the time of study we are open to learn Linux on the same time we got an urgent mail then we don’t have to leave the we can directly switch to the mail. this Feature can remain open is running in the background.

Shell / Terminal

Shell/terminal is one of my favorite feature in Linux. I can confidently say that without the terminal/shell Linux is nothing. The terminal is one of the special program in Linux which is used to perform an action command line. you can say that the terminal is an interpreter to execute the command by the user.


Do you know Linux is virus free? As it’s a Virus-free and LINUX also provide user security authentication features like password security, control access, and Parental Control to encrypt data.[td_smart_list_end]

There also others feature but I think that’s all are sufficient for you.


Advantages of Linux:-


The best benefit of using Linux is that you can download this from the web easily.


As there is too many developers are work together to make Linux better for the user so now we can say that Linux is stable. Do you know 90% of this server are working on Linux operating system? 

Variety of Distros

As I already told you Linux is an open source. So the different companies are drive to make there on Distro of LINUX operating system with their different features it just comes with a Unique add-on in There Linux which make there Linux Unique different. For example Ubuntu, Linux mint, arch, etc.

Free to Do What You Like

As it is an open source you are totally free to customize it as you want to do for Your use.

Virus Free

As lack of the user are using Microsoft Windows so usually the virus I just made for Windows so that’s why Linux is free from virus.

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